Please read these policies before contacting us about a project:


We no longer offer free proposals for projects.
We will be happy to provide you with a 2-3 page summary of estimated costs with milestones.

If you require a detailed implementation strategy for a project with a budget of $1,500 or higher you will be charged $75 for the time needed to create the proposal.

Proposals and cost summaries are good for 30 days only.

We require COMPLETE specifications for your project before entering into a contract
. Major changes to specifications after the project begins will require cancellation of the original contract without refund of any money accepted for milestones already completed.

A new contract will need to be created reflecting the new project requirements.
Incomplete and vague requirements can result in significant delays and extra costs. Due to the demands for our services, it is impossible for us to "keep our schedule open" for weeks or months while you sort out your requirements. Project specifications should be well researched before you even contact us.


All web design projects will require a professional hosting account. You may purchase an account through Design Veteran or directly from our hosting supplier HostGator.

Design Veteran recommends HostGator due to their affordability, reliability, and excellent support options. We have used HostGator almost exclusively for over 3 years for our web design projects. We have found their standards for  maintaining their servers are higher than most hosting companies. Due to their diligence in preventative maintenance, problems seldom occur and decoration et design if they do happen, are corrected swiftly.

We need a reliable hosting environment to provide you with efficient service. Besides HostGator, we also recommend SiteGround and Bluehost for Joomla-based sites.

As of 3/2008, we will no longer accept or support projects hosted by GoDaddy for the following reasons:

  • Unacceptable downtimes. Our independent monitoring reports indicated that our GoDaddy hosting accounts had appx. 1200% more downtime than our HostGator accounts.
  • Cumbersome Control Panel. Their proprietary control panel is difficult and time-consuming to use when developing and maintaining sites. Tasks that could be completed in under 5 minutes in a standard control panel could take up to an hour due to processing delays.
  • Non-support and overpricing of standard hosting account features. Many features included standard in Linux cPanel hosting accounts are absent or require additional fees at GoDaddy.
  • Lack of backup utility. GoDaddy does not offer users with shared hosting accounts a tool to backup their files and databases. Godaddy expects clients to rely on their infrequent backups... a recipe for disaster on frequently updated sites.
    Due to their restrictions on the size of archives that can be created and other server configuration issues it may be impossible for us to install an automated backup script. This forces us to backup files manually every time a significant software upgrade is needed. Upgrades that would usually take less than 1/2 hour can take 2-3 hours on GoDaddy. This results in additional costs and improvement with Euthyroid thyroid condition Buy Synthroid delays to you.


All text to be used to print pieces should be proofed prior to submission to Design Veteran.

After your layout is created, you are required to examine your proofs for errors before the piece is submitted to the printer. You are solely responsible for any additional printing or proof costs incurred as the result of errors found once the piece have been transmitted to the printer.

Photos to be used in print pieces must have a minimum 300dpi at their final size in the printed piece. We cannot use 72dpi web images in print pieces. Sending unusable photos will delay production of your order.


We provide free support to web design clients for 90 days after completion of a website project. After 90 days you will have the option to enter into a maintenance and support agreement with Design Veteran.

The basic maintenance and support agreement typically offered to clients allows you to purchase 12 hours of support at a discounted rate.  These purchased hours can be used flexibly over the next year for phone/e-mail support questions, software updates and change requests.

Complex projects requiring a higher level of support will be offered a custom plan.

Support Rates

  • Standard Hourly Rate - $50
  • Non-profit Hourly Rate - $35

If you choose not to purchase or renew a support plan: 

  • Design Veteran has no obligation to maintain your website from that point forward.
  • Design Veteran cannot be held liable for any problems resulting from client\'s neglect to maintain their website or retain a professional to do so.
  • If you submit support requests the work will be billed at the standard hourly rate listed above (not the discounted rate). 
  • Without a contract, any support requests will be treated as low priority requests - we cannot offer turnaround guarantees if you don\'t have a support contract.

If you choose to engage a third-party to maintain or make changes to your website, Design Veteran is not responsible for fixing any problems caused by the third party. It is recommended that you make regular backups of your website files and databases and exercise caution in allowing any third party access to your website files, database or hosting account.


We no longer offer search engine optimization or marketing services for websites not maintained by Design Veteran. In our experience very few web designers are truly knowledgeable about the subject. Many cannot claim any  achievement for their clients in this area, yet are very resistant towards implementing our suggestions.

We cannot be effective in helping to advance your search engine positions when needed internal changes are only partially or incorrectly implemented. In order to continue to provide these services to non-client sites we would have to charge twice as much for the time wasted dueling with other designers.


  • Design milestones and other work are billed within 15 days of completion. You may view and pay invoices through our website anytime by logging inand clicking the View/Pay Invoice link (Paypal and major credit cards accepted).


  • Failure to remit Milestone payments will result in a halt to project development until payment is received.
  • Credit may be cut off for clients with overdue invoices (30 days unpaid past invoice date) - no further work will be performed until past due invoices are paid.
  • Seriously overdue invoices (60 days or more unpaid past invoice date) may result in service interruption.

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