Typical Website Costs - Realistic Budgeting For Web Development

Typical Website Costs - Realistic Budgeting For Web Development

Typical Website Costs - Realistic Budgeting For Web Development The cost of developing a website can vary enormously based on each project's specific requirements. Many people are unsure of what price range is realistic for their website when approaching web designers.

An effective, professionally designed website may require many hours, weeks or even months to complete. Designers will evaluate your specifications and provide a quotation based on a reasonable estimate of the time it will take to complete your project.

Compiling an accurate specification before approaching web designers is essential. Researching your needs beforehand will avoid cost overruns from unexpected changes and additions in the middle of the development process.

The following is a general guideline that can help you start budgeting. If you feel your project fits the "Simple Business Presence" description, yet have received a quote for $2,500 you should approach another designer.

Simple Business Presence / brochure site

5 to 10 pages (consisting of text and images) with one contact form.  
This is a basic website with simple pages describing your business and services.  

Price Range

Dynamic Site with Content Management System

A system with the ability to add unlimited pages, several forms, specialized dynamic content like real estate listings, video sections, high-end photo galleries, document/download management, news feeds, event calendars, directories, review software, newsletters or, discussion forums.

Price Range

Basic E-Commerce Features

Forms for donations or payments with simple Paypal or Google Checkout buttons for and https://erectialdisfunction.net/poker-strategie-voor-beginners.html handful of products.

Add $100-$300 to costs of previous packages

Advanced E-Commerce Development

Full e-commerce storefronts with shopping cart. Supports multiple payment methods including credit card processing, real time shipping quotes, inventory management, dynamic features for shoppers like wish lists and their order history. Subscription sites or straightforward billing systems with online payment processing will usually also fall into this price range.

Price Range

Other Factors that Affect Website Design Prices

Besides the actual design fee, there are usually additional costs associated with marketing and maintaining your website.

Website Hosting 

Every website needs hosting, this is not an optional cost. Read What is Web Hosting? to understand why a hosting account is required.

Typical Business or Small E-Commerce Sites
Let's define a standard business website as a site that doesn't employ streaming media or offer large downloads and gets 5,000 visitors or less a month. These websites do not require specialized hosting accounts and can be hosted for around $10 per month.

Low to Medium Traffic E-Commerce or Media-heavy Websites
Sites with more visitors or complex content (like streaming video, software downloads) require more robust hosting.  Hosting costs for these sites will range from $25-75 per month depending on traffic levels and other factors.

High-traffic Large Enterprise Websites
These websites require dedicated hosting servers. Hosting costs for these sites will range from $99-200 per month, per server.  

Content Development

Typically, web designers will not write your copy for you. Most will expect you to provide all text to be used within your web pages. If you do not have your content ready, you will need to hire a copywriter to create this text. Copywriting services start around $25-$50 per page and range up to hundreds of dollars per page for specialized content. Copywriting fees are an important factor to consider in your web development budget.

Content Licensing

Some site owners prefer to license existing articles and content from outside sources to save on the costs and time of developing all their own content from scratch. If you plan to license data feeds or article reprints, make sure to research costs and include them in your budget.

Search Engine Optimization and carbohealth.com Marketing

Top search engine rankings are not automatic. It takes skill, experience, and many hours of hard work to achieve great search engine positions. SEO costs will vary depending on your site's traffic goals, amount of competition and other factors. If you want search engine traffic you will need to budget some money towards site optimization, link building campaigns, paid directory listings and possibly pay-per-click advertising.

Graphic Design, Flash Design, Multimedia

Certain types of graphic design work are generally not included in your design fees unless specified beforehand:

  • Logo Design
  • Original graphs, charts, custom image creation
  • Banners advertising your website
  • Images for Newsletter templates

Designers will add existing photos or clipart you provide to content as part of the development process. If you need the designer to create special images or find and license images for use on your site, expect additional costs.

Unless you have hired a designer to design a Flash based site or listed Flash in your website specifications expect additional costs to add Flash animations.

If you want to add multimedia such as streaming video to your site at a later date, expect additional costs from both the designer and possibly your web host. Many web designers are not equipped or experienced with editing and compressing video. You may need to hire someone who specializes in video production.

Changing Your Mind

The #1 Budget Breaker! If the website or part of your website is designed to your specification but you subsequently change your mind... expect additional costs to redo the work.  Take the time to to plan your site and know what you want before starting the development process.

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