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Java-based File Upload System

Java-based file upload system integrated with Joomla website. Provides reliable uploads of extremely large files with built-in notification for site owner.

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Auction Flex to Virtuemart Data Import Extension

Import script converts AuctionFlex data into Virtuemart product format, adds records to Why do men gets up in the morning Joomla database and re-formats photos to work with a dynamic photo gallery embedded in the Virtuemart product details page.

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Paypal Remote Submit for FacileForms and BreezingForms

This package was developed to allow non-profits to use Paypal to process donations while still collecting the information from donors required by state law. All required info is collected on the organizations website and do i have social anxiety when the broward health medical center fort lauderdale fl donor is redirected, Paypal fields are pre-filled eliminating cumbersome double entry. Downloaded over 50,000 times.

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Subscription Component for Newspaper

Custom form allows multiple subscription purchases and calculates costs before redirecting to Paypal. Once payment verification is received from Paypal, the subscribers become active in the subscriber management extension which allows quick export of addresses in mailing label format for monthly newspaper mailing.

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Joomla Virtuemart Bulk Discount Module

This Virtuemart modification allows store owners to easily control bulk discounts based on total quantity of products ordered.

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Poker Tournament Extension

Custom designed Joomla component tracks game results and generates a Leaderboard, results by game, and individual points. This extension is integrated with Community Builder to provide interactive features for players.

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Custom Tabbed Docman Interface

Corporate media storage featuring multi-site capabilities, a YooScroller module recoded to display DocMan images and a custom tabbed Docman interface.

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